December 3, 2016


My encouragement for you is about failing forward. But before I start, I want to quickly remind you that you need to take actions on your set goals. A dream without action remains a wish. The difference between a dreamer and a wisher is “action!” Dreamers act because they believe the dreams wholeheartedly and they know heaven and earth that these things will come to pass as God lives.

Now, as you act every day, please do not give up even if you fail. Take a failure as an event. You as a person are a success and you have the ability inside you to turn the failed event to success. Failures are signals that you are very close to the answers. Every failure is an opportunity for a new discovery. Just keep moving and believe in your heart that “it is possible.” Look at this;

“I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 things that do not work.” – Thomas Edison

He failed 9,999 times before he got the answer at the 10,000th time. Today, his invention, the incandescent bulb is what we are all enjoying in the world. I am very sure that you too can make it. You can get an answer to a universal problem. Things can happen through you because you have the seed of greatness inside you.

Sit down and think about why you are here. Are you presently living or existing? You need to answer that as a person. Check how you live your life every day. Day after day, are you acting on your purpose on earth? Don’t deceive yourself because I know that you can do great things. Start now and keep moving…

You will make it!

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