To Help People Live Their True Potential.


To Raise 10 Million Leaders in Families, Organizations and Developing Nations by 2030.

Why This Transformation Tour?

We need more transformation agents in Businesses, Communities, Governments and Nations!

I have traveled to many developed and developing nations, and have seen people living below their true potential. This breaks my heart.This shouldn’t be a normal thing!Through my research and personal conviction, I have concluded that things don’t just happen without leadership. I have also concluded that most people don’t see themselves as leaders because of who they think they are not and what they think they don’t have. I believe that nothing starts without leadership; nothing develops without leadership; nothing transforms without leadership and nothing progresses without leadership. The transformation tour was initiated through my hunger for leadership multiplication in organizations and developing nations.

The Problem

Most people do not see themselves as leaders. This is a serious issue!

People are passive and timid in the world! In fact, most people are afraid to standout. I strongly believe that passivity and timidity are not natural. I also believe that everyone is a product of his/her environment. People are trained to be passive and timid. Rebuilding a timid, passive and failing person, family, organization or nation cannot happen in a day. It requires tireless pursuit of committed individuals that are focused on reconstruction process. What holds people back from a complete transformation plan is what they think they are not. The greatest challenge is not the unavailability of information; it is the conversion of available information. Many people have information without any visible transformation.


Many people believe that everyone cannot be a leader!

Some also believe that leadership is all about being in the most important position or having the most significant title. A position is an opportunity to influence more people. It is imperative to help people in different teams, organizations and developing nations to understand that leadership is influence. Many people are suffering from distorted and brain-washed education, which has made us not to know ourselves. We have been oppressed by the idea that leadership is reserved for a group of people called “The Elite” (I mean a selected group that believes they are superior to the rest). This is a wrong belief because everyone is gifted. This mind-set has to change.

When we say we have leadership training, most people choose not to care because they still believe that leadership is for an elite group of people, and not for them. This is a destructive attitude and it is time to assist more people out of thismisconception. I also went through the same battle until I met myself in 2006. I got to know that I wastotally different from what people told me about me. This self-identity battle goes on in families, communities, organizations and nations that have been through the history of oppression. My priority is to help people become themselves. This mentality has made most people to be timid and passive.

My Conviction

Leadership is not about someone else, it is about everyone!

Everyone was born to lead.  We need to meet ourselves, know ourselves and win the battle with self-devaluation. Leadership has to do with individuals first. That simply means; It is personal leadership before it becomes public leadership. It is vital for us to understand that we don’t need power or position to lead or influence people. A real leader keeps influencing people while in a position. We all have to discover our leadership seed, develop the seed and distribute it. We all have the leadership ability. Everyone has a leader within. Everyoneneeds to discover the ability to influence projects, which could meet several human needs through businesses, innovations and inventions, or government.

Every human possesses leadership potential because everyone was born with leadership seed (gift). Everyone has the potential to create products and services from personal gift. It’s a pity that many of us have never tried to ‘make things happen’; instead we ‘watch things happen’ or ask, ‘what happened?’ If we don’t change this now, the culture will ruin generations to come. It is high time we renew our minds, change our thinking and get the understanding that we all have leadership abilities to influence everything we can think of.

Why We Want To Partner With You and Your Organization:

We want to work with you. We want to support you in retraining minds and multiplying leadership!

Since creation, lambs and donkeys have not found a different way to chew grass. Animals still think, feel and act the same way. But we humans are not the same. We have transformed completely because we have a different nature. Many years ago, banana leaves were used to serve food and bamboo plates were used as trays. Today, things are not the same. What exactly is that thing that changed everything in our world? Innovation! Every successful person, family, community, organization or nation has what I call, “Next Level Thinking”. Next level thinking gives birth to innovation through the right leadership.

Leaders don’t wait. To transform something, we have to engage it. We cannot transform what we avoid as leaders. Growth at all levels is guaranteed to all partners. Partner with us and let’s make things happen together. The best time to start in now.Imagine how explosive the growth would be if everyone in your organization can think like you – the leader? How can we meet your teams at all levels and invest up to three days with them?

My Leadership Coaching Program, MOEL (Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary Life), is now in two stages: “From Dream to CEO” for all aspiring leaders in business, ministry and government and “Next Level Shift” for all Business Owners, Political Officials and Executives. Participants will be fully trained. Every trained MOEL Graduate will be certified and equipped as a Leadership Ambassadorand Trainer, licensed to use our strategies and resources to multiply leadership at all levels in organizations and developing nations.

Wale Adekanla (The Leadership King)is known for providing outstanding leadership signature around the world. He is convinced that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness!

It’s time to soar and thank you for your time!

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