Don’t Create Excuses in 2020!

Innovators don’t make excuses, they produce results. They always say, ‘no more excuses!’ Do it or don’t do it – but don’t make excuses. Stop using your incredible brain to think up elaborate rationalizations and justifications for not taking action. It is time to do something. Get on with it. Say to yourself: “If it’s […]


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Move From Ordinary To Extraordinary Life (MOEL) Leadership Program

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REGISTER HERE: The Leadership Channel Platform – TLCP

[RM_Form id=’1′]   The Leadership Channel is launching a global platform and we are inviting all success-driven individuals in every nation to join us to multiply leadership – The Leadership Channel Platform. The purpose is to bring people of the same purpose together in building a global leadership development platform in developing nations. This is […]

Crisis Gives Birth to Innovation

Crisis produces innovation. Plato said in his best-known dialogue, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Crisis drives ordinary people to think and achieve extraordinary results. Most people will never take action and follow through until they experience an indispensable problem. Do you know that some people will never stop or reduce their eating habit until the Doctor […]

The Spirit of Innovation: Keys to Personal, Organizational and National Transformation

Can we imagine a world without the discoveries like cars, airplanes, incandescent bulbs, batteries, bicycles, phones, internet, radios, televisions or computers? Can you imagine living in a world without the inventions that we enjoy today? Think of Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Charles Wheatstone, Louis Braille, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, Joel Houghton, and other great […]


Do you know how to lead and achieve greatness? Do you really know that you can build great employees and produce a great organization? “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Greatness: How to Start from Where You Are” is a book full of principles of greatness. They are constant and affect functions. The principles are not […]


My encouragement for you is about failing forward. But before I start, I want to quickly remind you that you need to take actions on your set goals. A dream without action remains a wish. The difference between a dreamer and a wisher is “action!” Dreamers act because they believe the dreams wholeheartedly and they […]


“You naturally grow living thoughts when you open your mind to worthwhile things.” – Wale Adekanla The hardest and most expensive work in the world is thinking. Thinkers are not cheap people. They are not everywhere. They solve problems for people. They sit down and think fresh thoughts. Thinkers become leaders because their thoughts are […]


Is it possible to experience leadership without corruption in an organization or a nation? Yes! Yes, it is possible but tough to experience because corruption is a mindset disease that is hard to be healed! Corrupt people don’t obey laws designed for the benefit of an organization or a nation. Anyone who breaks a law […]