July 31, 2018

Move From Ordinary To Extraordinary Life (MOEL) Leadership Program

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Innovation, Leadership
February 3, 2018

The Spirit of Innovation: Keys to Personal, Organizational and National Transformation

Can we imagine a world without the discoveries like cars, airplanes, incandescent bulbs, batteries, bicycles, phones, internet, radios, televisions or computers? Can you imagine living in a world without the inventions that we enjoy today? Think of Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Charles Wheatstone, Louis Braille, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, Joel Houghton, and other great […]

Career and Business, Innovation, Innovation and Creativity, Inspiration
December 3, 2016


In a fruit juice producing company, Felix, a senior officer was employed to be purchasing ingredients for the company. One day, the department head discovered through the newspapers that the fruits’ prices were reduced and he sent him out with a driver to make a purchase for the next production.  He also decided to send […]